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Your Mouth Matters! Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide

The Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide can help you:

  • Help guide your child to attain the forward facial growth he or she deserves
  • Increase your own airway space
  • Ease snoring or jaw joint problems
  • Sculpt and tone head and neck muscles
  • Learn a correct swallow

Note: It is always better to receive personal therapy. This is an example of what therapy is like. It is also a good review for those who have already finished. Note also that this is now included in the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series @ $79.00.

Myofunctional Items

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Ozonated oils are a daily part of my life. Preventively, I use soft picks to place this oil in between teeth, counsel patients to use it on floss or  stimulator tips  around implants and within pockets when accessible. View my Youtube video on Oral Health for more details. For this and for post-frenectomy surgical sites, I prefer the flowability of the olive oils. I keep it handy in the garden for instant application after ant bites, use a diluted version of ozonated jojoba oil with essential rose oil on my face and find it generally a great general first aid creme. And of course I write about many other uses in my books!

Organic ozonated olive oil in glass

“Tooth and Gum organic ozonated olive oil with peppermint in glass

Organic ozonated jojoba oil in glass 

Frolov Respiratory Trainer

Low carbon dioxide levels are becoming well-known for poor health outcomes. The Frolov Respiratory Trainer helps raise carbon dioxide levels by changing the brain’s respiratory “set point”, the freequency and volume of air it is used to reuiring. It also encourages proper strong diaphragmatic breathing through resistance training.

The Frolov Respiratory Trainer applies metered resistance during inhalation and exhalation. The average person experiences a 25% improvement in lung capacity (from 70%-95%). For Carol, its primary benefit is that it helps with those having problems with the discipline of Buteyko breathing exercises. As with everything else, you are paying for the design technology

Read more about the benefits and science behind the Frolov Respiratory Trainer. Because the directions are in Russian, here is an English version. Or you may want to buy a more complete pamphlet on how to use it below.


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