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Your Mouth Matters! Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide Video


Your Mouth Matters! Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide

The Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide can help you:

  • Help guide your child to attain the forward facial growth he or she deserves
  • Increase your own airway space
  • Ease snoring or jaw joint problems
  • Sculpt and tone head and neck muscles
  • Learn a correct swallow

This video is also offered as part of the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series.


Your Mouth Matters! Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide

I believe in self-empowerment. Your goal may be to help guide your child to attain the attractive forward facial growth (s)he deserves, which in turn increases airway space and helps avoid crowded teeth. As an adult, you may want to increase you own airway space, ease snoring or jaw joint problems, or tone head and neck muscles. The journey this guide offers will likely surprise you as you reap benefits. See “Facial Meltdown Birth to Death and How It Affects Your Overall Health” to learn how this Companion Video may help you attain the health you deserve. Use the video-embedded password to download and print helpful Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video Charts and Word Lists to track your progress. []

The muscle memory you create during the 18 weeks of intensive therapy assistance in maintaining a lip seal, upper tongue rest and correct swallowing patterns that also keep the face and neck toned is much like the muscle memory you created while perfecting a sport you love. The video finishes off your year of neuromuscular training with ideas to help you incorporate postures you’ve learned into every day ? and nighttime ? habits. Bonus segments cover pill-swallowing, postural activities for those with Forward Head Posture, and two weeks of post-frenum release therapy (also available separately). This video can work as a stand alone product for those with a strong sense of self discipline, however know personalized therapy is optimal. For those seeking personalized therapy, this is a great companion or review video.

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