Primal Dentistry: Less is More (First Edition: March 2018) - Primal Dentistry

Primal Dentistry: Less is More (First Edition: March 2018)



“Primal” refers to rediscovering basics of bygone eons when?there was almost no need for dentistry because of course, the best?dentistry is no dentistry. Our hunter gathering ancestors didn’t have to think about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Their lifestyles made it a natural, but our conveniences dictate counterbalances we need to know about and implement. You?re in control!

Cavities, gum disease and even snoring/sleep apnea are just symptoms of body imbalances. We desperately need to go “primal” with our self-care at home and with dental office procedures too for that matter. It?s time for completely different models of home and professional care to emerge. Health care, not end stage disease care!

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