Changing the Face of Dentistry

Primal Dentistry: Less is More
Primal Dentistry: Less is More

pri?mal adjective

  1. relating to an early stage in evolutionary development

synonyms: original, initial, earliest, first

  1. essential; fundamental

?synonyms: basic, elemental, vital, central, intrinsic, inherent

If you don?t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don?t have them!

Primal is about rediscovering the basics of bygone eons when there was almost no need for dentistry because of course, the best dentistry is no dentistry. Our hunter gathering ancestors didn?t have to think about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Their lifestyles made it a natural, but our conveniences dictate counterbalances we need to know about and implement. You?re in control. It?s time for Primal Dentistry!

Who?doesn?t?want less dentistry but wants to keep their stunning smile for a lifetime? Here, less is definitely more, but you have to know how to flip the switches that make that work for you!?Primal Dentistry?delivers industry-disruptive medical/dental information we all need!

?This revolutionary book reveals:

  1. Simple solutions to decay, gum disease and even snoring and nighttime breathing problems
  2. Tips for developing and maintaining a great airway
  3. Energy medicine principles; how to?remove health roadblocks so all your cells can operate efficiently both individually and together
  4. Six fundamental ways to stoke each of your cell?s energy furnaces, their mitochondria, so cells throughout your body are primed for ultimate healing. Mitochondrial dysfunction, a biomarker of aging, is linked to virtually all killer diseases of aging including gum disease.
  5. Gut and brain health strategies
  6. Heavy metal detoxification strategies
  7. How to open methylation pathways (MTHFR) ? and why you should!
  8. The cost of the ?dental death spiral? ? minimalist dental techniques that preserve rather than destroy teeth while saving you significant healthcare dollars

?and so much more!

Foreword by John Laughlin, DDS


?Dr. Charles Mayo, a founder of the famed Mayo clinic, spoke presciently in 1918 to the Minnesota State Dental Association about ?The Relation of General Mouth Conditions to General Health? during which he urged dentistry to take their essential place in preventive medicine. One hundred years later we still struggle to move that understanding forward.

In Primal Dentistry, an educational masterpiece, Carol continues to enlighten readers about the interconnectivity between the mouth and all other organs. This book belongs in the hands of any person with teeth, natural or artificial. It?s unfortunate that those responsible for educating our health care professionals can?t envision the power of functional medicine and holistic dentistry?s role within it.

I am blown away by the scope of material presented in “Primal Dentistry”, which should benefit generations to come. Her general knowledge of biology, chemistry, physiology, anatomy and energy medicine explains how they all affect health and disease. This book goes far beyond the popular catch phrase ?Evidence based dentistry/medicine?. It represents an excellent combination of science and experience based dentistry/medicine.

I will continue to recommend Carol?s writings to all of my patients. The wealth of knowledge within “Mouth Matters” and “Primal Dentistry” will change people and hopefully, the professionals of health care. It should be required reading for all health care students and faculty, especially the profession of Dentistry. All state boards of Dentistry and Medicine would be well served to use “Primal Dentistry” as their guiding light.? Read the table of contents and get hooked!?

John Laughlin, DDS

Cranial Academy, Holistic Dental Association (Past President) Academy of General Dentistry

American Association of Gnathologic Orthopedics

American Association of Cranio Facial Pain

Founding Member of the American Academy for Functional?Orthodontics

Founding Member of International Academy of Oral Medicine and?Toxicology.

William Garner Sutherland Temporomandibulo-Cranial Group



The doctor who wrote the foreword of this book recommended it to me. I enjoyed reading it and I learned much from it. I’m a dental student, so this book made me rethink everything that I’m learning in school. I highly recommend it. If you care about optimizing your health systemically, or even just orally, then this is one great way to open up new doors toward that goal.

Amazon – Louie M

? ? ?How?s that working for you?? is the question to pose when attempting to solve problems in a way that has repeatedly failed in the past. Evidence of ?laws? such as the law of gravity is irrefutable. If you?re a skydiver and your parachute doesn?t open, there is no going back up. Gravity?will?take you. No science, no twist on the story, no pitch can make that parachute look successful. It doesn?t matter what we ?believe? about parachutes, what we ?know? about parachutes, who ?paid? for the parachute, who ?made? the parachute, who ?folded? it, where the pilot got his ?license,? how many years of experience the skydiver had or how good his life insurance is! Gravity wins!

? ? ?In dentistry it shouldn?t take much thinking to see that many ?somethings? aren?t working. This book defines where the rubber meets the road in modern dentistry!
? ? ?Primal Dentistry?is the latest in?evidence-based science?? science that works in line with the ?law? that defines success and failure. If it fails don?t do it; if it succeeds do it more! All manufacturers, governments, salespeople and corporations, use and abuse science to justify what they do. Evidence and science are two different concepts. Science says the parachute is safe, evidence says it didn?t open.
? ? ?There is an extensive range of treatment choices within dentistry. Carol Vander Stoep answers the question: ?HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR [US]?? Much of what ?corporate? dentistry does fails repetitively. Our parachute does not open, teeth die and insurance pays for each successive failing step.? Carol cuts to the chase and states what works and what doesn?t so you can make solid, evidence-based choices that work for you!?
Wendell Robertson, DDS, PC
Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, Vice President
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Member
International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine, Member
Alleman-Delaperi Center, Master Instructor
?Sequels can often be a disappointment, but not in this case. Vander Stoep?s first book,?Mouth Matters, was a phenomenal gift to the profession.?Primal Dentistry: Less is More, with its expansion on the importance of airway, sets the bar even higher. Congratulations!?
William M Hang DDS MSD
Foundation for Airway Health, Member
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Member
Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences, Member
North American Association of Facial Orthotropics?, Member, Founding? President, Board Member
International Association of Facial Growth Guidance, Member
American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry,
Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, Advisory Board Member
?Primal Dentistry?is an incredibly well researched and well organized treatise on how to take your dental, digestive, and overall health into your own hands and achieve what no physician can achieve for you. In it, she both exposes many flawed healthcare practices, but also provides solutions ? and clarifies why these are problems/solutions in the broader context of your whole system. This book, as well as Carol?s other works, have helped me personally to sleep more soundly; it has profoundly impacted decisions I have made in raising my baby daughter. Knowing Carol as a patient and confidant makes me all the more enthusiastic in recommending this book because I know it was written with the utmost integrity, compassion, and passion for helping those in need.?
Alexander Hawk
PhD Physics
?Written by a true professional, Carol Vander Stoep clearly understands her subject and writes for both professional and lay people about sometimes complex biological processes in a way they can understand. She beautifully identifies the action steps one can take to live a life of wellness. Five stars and two thumbs up for?Primal Dentistry!?
Barbara Stackhouse, RDH, M.Ed., CAHP-BC., D.PSc.?
Founder and Owner of More to Life Wellness & Coaching, LLC
?Wow! Well done, yet again! To say Carol Vander Stoep is an expert in her field is an understatement. She is always on the cutting edge of new material that approaches the body as a WHOLE; she always pays attention to the bigger picture. Reading?Primal Dentistry,?I realize yet again she knows far more than most dental professionals; her material should be read and applied by ALL in the dental field. I have aspired to emulate Carol professionally. Her work has inspired me throughout my own career. What I love most about her is her trailblazing philosophies. She does not let others? fear-based opinions stop her from trying to move dentistry forward, guiding us all to ideas we?ve never considered. We see mouth-based illness everyday in our dental chairs, yet our patients? needs slip right through our fingers. Read her books, watch her YouTube videos and explore her website! Your mind will be opened to a bigger sky that is much brighter than you could ever imagine. If you are a healthcare professional, you will change more lives than you ever thought you could. If you are a member of the general public, this is the ultimate self help guide!?
Timbrey Lind, RDH
Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy and Buteyko Breathing
?Outstanding sequel to Vander Stoep?s first book,?Mouth Matters!??Primal Dentistry: Less is More,?is a powerful resource loaded with a wealth of quality guidance for people who are seeking answers to obtaining true health.? I look forward to sharing this book with my clients, as well as my family and friends.?
Bryan J. Schwartz, DDS
Neuromuscular Dentist (NMD)
Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine
?WOW! This latest work from Carol Vander Stoep has integrated scientific studies alongside how oral conditions impact the entire body.? She has gone beyond speaking to the ? Primal Dental? aspect but rather, in her witty and wise approach, has integrated a functional medical avenue from which every household would benefit.?
Angie Ates, Founder AcademyEPIC
CAHP-BC, BCND, MH, Detox Sp, Author/Speaker



Cavities and gum disease are systemic diseases with systemic answers; oral health should be a cornerstone of functional medicine.

1 What Is Primal Dentistry?

Our hunter gathering ancestors made enjoying a healthy mouth natural, but today?s conveniences dictate counter-balances we need to know about and implement.

2 Staging Yourself: Healing From the Inside Out

Six ways to keep your gut ? your ?second brain? happy!

3 Your Second Brain: Going Primal

Wake up taste receptors body-wide for better health.

4 Gardening Your Mouth?

Choose from a sm?rg?sbord of enjoyable localized options to keep your mouth near a neutral pH and prevent damaging biofilms from adhering to teeth.

5? When Negative Ions Deliver Positive Health!

Energy medicine is the future. Your nervous system, circulatory system and muscles are examples of electrically- driven sub-systems operating within a bioelectrical body.

6 Health Reboot! Oxygen Therapies Recharge Your? Batteries

All serious disease states share a low oxygen state within tissues. Oxygen therapies kick healing systems into high gear!

7? A Magic Silver Bullet???????????????????

Does silver live up to its aeons-old reputation for warding off disease?

8??Why Hemp? Of Locks and Keys

?Hemp (cannabis minus its one psychoactive compound) is one of the most versatile medicinal herbs in terms of phytochemistry. Mythology should not limit its use.

9??New Health BuZzz: MTHFR Gene Variations?????????????????

Every body cell must methylate well full-time to function well full-time. Heavy metals and nitrous oxide shut methylation down. How do you restart the pathways?


Vaporization from mercury-laden fillings is incompatible?with optimal health. Who?s most at risk? Should you remove them? If so, what is a basic protocol?

11?Mercury Detoxification??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sample protocols for eliminating mercury from body tissues

12? Life and death decisions: developing a healthy airway???????? ???????????????????????

Three specific oral postures help your child maximize airway development and attractiveness. What is myofunctional therapy? The hazards of being tongue-tied. How snoring can ruin your love life!

13 Is Sleep a Waste of Time or is Time a Waste Without Sleep? ??? ??????????????

Repercussions of sleep disordered breathing ? and dental solutions.

14?The Best Dentistry is No Dentistry; Less Drilling Feels Great!??????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Early, repeatable, accurate decay diagnosis and understanding subtle tooth structures that keep a tooth from breaking later is key to keeping teeth a lifetime, yet traditional dentists are generally not well-versed. What you should know.

15 The Best Dentistry is No Dentistry;? Biomimetic dentistry????????????? ????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????

Tooth repair should mimic nature as closely as possible, structurally, mechanically and in beauty. Biomimetic dentists rebuild teeth without crowns and safely replace traditional fillings in ways that help a tooth survive. Guest chapter by Wendell Robertson, DDS

16 BioLOGICAL Dentistry????????????????

Mercury, fluoride and root canals ? OH MY! What?s all the fuss?

17 Dentistry?s Legacy Part 2 (Thyroid)???????????????

An introduction to thyroid function and why you ?should protect this hormone powerhouse.

18 Fee for service is Killing Us!?

An insightful examination of fee for service dental insurance and how it rewards mediocre dentists that place dental work that cyclically fails. Guest chapter by Matthew Gillespie, DDS.

19 Final Words: Prescription for Change???????

A call for active participation to improve outcomes for all individuals and for society as a whole.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? APPENDICES??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Appendix A. Understanding Good Fats and Oils ???????????????????????????????????

Appendix B. Spirochetes????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Appendix C. Choosing a Dentist (Guest commentary by? Wendell Robertson, DDS)???????????????? ????? ??????????? ????????????????? ?

Appendix D. Mercury Detoxification Sample Protocol

Appendix E. The Potential for Brain Dysfunction: No More Routinely Putting Kids to Sleep

Appendix F. Burning Mouth?

Appendix G.?”Berlin Declaration?Shows Amalgam Has Entered Its Twilight Years” Reprinted Courtesy of?Dentistry Today.

Appendix H. Ketogenic Eating Style?For Optimal Weight, Mental and Physical Performance ? ? ? ??

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