Welcome attendees of the Paleo Fx 2019 Summit.

I am happy to announce I will be a part of Paleo F(x) 2019 happening in Austin, Texas.

Paleo F(x) will take place April 26-28 at the Palmer Events Center on Ladybird Lake. I will be available at the Primal Dentistry booth (#94) all three days and will be sharing a booth with Dr. Tim Rainey, a renowned leader in dentistry and pioneer of the Minimally Invasive Preventive Dentistry movement. We’ll be visiting with you and answering questions about how oral and general health are linked, i’ll be signing copies of my books (Mouth Matters and Primal Dentistry) and we will be streaming videos from my Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series, available on this web site as well as videos about the benefits of ozonated water and hydrogen water.

Find us at booth #94. Here’s a floorplan to make us easy to find.

To learn more about Paleo F(x) 2019, get event details and more information visit the official website.

Hope to see you there and please stop by and say hi!

Just this month, The Atlantic magazine published an expose on dentistry with which I couldn’t agree more. The article, The Truth about Dentistry: It’s much less scientific – and more prone to gratuitous procedures – than you may think (https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/05/the-trouble-with-dentistry/586039/) states: “The uneasy relationship between dentist and patient is … complicated by an unfortunate reality: Common dental procedures are not always as safe, effective, or durable as we are meant to believe. As a profession, dentistry has not yet applied the same level of self-scrutiny as medicine, or embraced as sweeping an emphasis on scientific evidence.

            For the last 15 years I’ve worked to educate the general public – and dentists – about this sad state of affairs. In my books, videos and lectures I point out that dental specialist Richard Kao wrote in an article called The Challenges of Transferring Evidence-Based Dentistry into Practice, “It is suggested that perhaps as little as 8% of dental care is justified by peer-reviewed, published and appropriately analyze dental research.”  Then I continue to lay out specifics as to why that is. For instance patients of the rare dentist who understand early, correct, repeatable diagnosis and repair using principles of what is known as biomimetic dentistry can experience about 80% less dentistry, with its ever-escalating costs to a family’s bottom line. Even better, it has huge implications for a person’s health. The article is worth a read, though I can see the author doesn’t yet even begin to recognize the true scope of dentistry’s ignorance of the research.

            Certainly financial costs are a consideration, but a person’s health is certainly at stake now knowing what we know about the connections between the mouth and the rest of the body. [Make this a link to the rest of my personal site?] As my tagline says, “If you don’t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don’t have them!”

            Primal Dentistry means rediscovering the basics of bygone eons when there was almost no need for dentistry because of course, the best dentistry is no dentistry!

Books available:

Mouth Matters: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What You Can Do About It.

Integrative medicine models barely acknowledge that oral conditions and dental materials and techniques influence whole body health. They certainly overlook the critical role oral posture plays on orofacial development. Mouth Matters corrects those omissions. Optimizing facial attractiveness and developing enough airway to avoid snoring and sleep apnea is just one health aspect at stake.

            Mouth Matters is also a holistic guide to reducing inflammatory stress and to healthy aging that can add years to your life – and life to your years! Includes Menu For Immune System Support.

Providing a practical understanding of issues relevant to personal oral health and dentistry, Mouth Matters is a great read for people seeking optimum health – individuals and practitioners alike.

 Primal Dentistry: Less is More.

pri·mal adjective

  1. relating to an early stage in evolutionary development

synonyms: original, initial, earliest, first

  1. essential; fundamental

synonyms: “basic, fundamental, essential, elemental,vital, central, intrinsic, inherent

Primal is about rediscovering the basics of bygone eons when there was almost no need for dentistry because of course, the best dentistry is no dentistry. Our hunter gathering ancestors didn’t have to think about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Their lifestyles made it a natural, but our conveniences dictate counterbalances we need to know about and implement. You’re in control. It’s time for “Primal Dentistry”!

Who doesn’t want less dentistry but wants to keep their stunning smile for a lifetime? Here, less is definitely more, but you have to know how to flip the switches that make that work for you! Primal Dentistry delivers industry-disruptive medical/dental information we all need!

This revolutionary book reveals:

  • Simple solutions to decay, gum disease and even snoring and nighttime breathing problems
  • Tips for developing and maintaining a great airway
  • Energy medicine principles; how to remove health roadblocks so all your cells can operate efficiently both individually and together
  • Six fundamental ways to stoke each of your cell’s energy furnaces, their mitochondria, so cells throughout your body are primed for ultimate healing. Mitochondrial dysfunction, a biomarker of aging, is linked to virtually all killer diseases of aging including gum disease.
  • Gut and brain health strategies
  • Heavy metal detoxification strategies
  • How to open methylation pathways (MTHFR) – and why you should!
  • The cost of the “dental death spiral” – minimalist dental techniques that preserve rather than destroy teeth while saving you significant healthcare dollars
  • …and so much more!

Content on this website, in Primal Dentistry: Less is More and Mouth Matters is not considered medical or dental advice. Please see a physician before making any medical or lifestyle changes and a dentist if you need help with oral conditions.

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