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Mouth Matters

Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body


Mouth Matters

If you don?t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don?t have them!

Integrative medicine models barely acknowledge that oral conditions and dental materials and techniques influence whole body health. They certainly overlook the critical role oral posture plays on orofacial development.?Mouth Matters?corrects those omissions. Optimizing facial attractiveness and developing enough airway to avoid snoring and sleep apnea is just one health aspect at stake.

Mouth Matters?is also a holistic guide to reducing inflammatory stress and to healthy aging that can add years to your life ? and life to your years! Includes Menu For Immune System Support.

Providing a practical understanding of issues relevant to personal oral health and dentistry,?Mouth Matters?is a great read for people seeking optimum health ? individuals and practitioners alike.


What Physicians, Dentists & Other Health Professionals Say
about Carol Vander Stoep?s?Mouth Matters

The sad news is that ?real doctors? and medical students are likely to skip this book, sure they ?already know? everything they need to?and they would be WRONG! Our medical/illness system fails to teach ? and almost always fails to treat ? the root causes of many illnesses, even though they have been clearly identified in the scientific literature.

In this incredible book, noted author Carol Vander Stoep has done a masterful job of weaving together the concepts of ?biological medicine? (going beyond using lab tests and complaints, to treat each person in all dimensions) and ?biological dentistry? (dentistry practiced far beyond the ?drill, fill, and bill? patchwork approach of past eras). As we learn more about the fields of pathophysiology, we will ever more appreciate the interconnections of hormones, immunity, infections, inflammation, metabolism, cell functions and division, and toxic chemicals and metals, as these all relate to failing health. This book charts an easy path for readers to more fully appreciate what we know now ?and especially what actions we can take each day to help restore and preserve more robust health.

Mouth Matters?is a ?made simple? guide, one that should be read by every parent hoping to lead their children toward natural healing and away from an expectation of illness, medications, and surgery.? While the sad news is that it is less likely to be on your doctor?s bookshelf, the good news is it will be a treasured reference in many homes? and hopefully available in most dental offices.

Are you ready for a primer that makes modern medical and dental discoveries clearly within your reach that shows you how small adjustments in your lifestyle can reap huge rewards?? Then?Mouth Matters?is for you, right now! And strangely enough(?) this should be a gift you share with family and friends, to open for them the prospect of fewer pharmaceutical drugs, a lower likelihood of operations, only occasional doctor visits ? and the blessings of better health!

John Parks Trowbridge M.D., FACAM
Author of The Yeast Syndrome?(with Morton Walker)


Every once in a while, you come across a person that you just know will make a difference in this world. Maybe it is their passion, creativity, or determination. For Carol Vander Stoep, I think it is fair to say, it?s all the above. By virtue of my work, I have the privilege of meeting and dreaming with oral health care providers from around the world. Coming across Carol was one of the most memorable meetings I can remember, and I am deeply honored that she pulled me into her loop during the final stages of the development of?Mouth Matters.

Several months before I spoke at the 2008 American Dental Association Annual Session in San Antonio, Carol e-mailed me to introduce herself and ask if I would get together with her at the meeting. It was then when she asked if I would be willing to review a manuscript in progress for what has become one of the most brilliant contributions in educating the consumer-public about the importance of oral health. I did review it, and I was awestruck with the depth and breadth of Carol?s knowledge.

Mouth Matters?is the quintessential road map for people who want to better understand the connection between oral and overall health. Carol has mastered the fine art of providing a thorough review of scientific evidence related to oral-systemic interrelationships and grounding this science by using terms that everyone can understand. Indeed, this is a talent.? No other author has been able to assimilate, synthesize, and craft the body of evidence that supports a role of infection and inflammation within the oral cavity in escalating risk for various chronic disease states with such clarity, and readability.?

Casey Hein, BSDH, MBA
Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics
Director of Education, International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Manitoba


Carol?s book is eye opening for even the most conventional healthcare provider. Look at her information on nursing homes and reduction of pneumonia and flu. After reading her book I commented several times that every hospital and nursing home should employ a dental hygienist to assist patients in oral hygiene. Just imagine the impact if we could reduce secondary infections in coma patients, stroke patients etc. She is an inspiration!

Dawn Ewing
Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Executive Director, International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine


Carol Vander Stoep?s?Mouth Matters?addresses oral and oral/systemic issues in a clear and comprehensible manner. The chapter on ozone therapy is very timely, as it addresses the most important paradigm shift to occur in dentistry in the last 60 years. This book is a must read for dentists, dental staff and patients.

Robert E. Harris, Jr., DMD, NMD, IBDM
Co-founder, American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry


I have had the privilege of watching Carol Vander Stoep grow as an author as she as she expanded, improved, and clarified her first edition of?Mouth Matters. She comes from a unique position, in that she addresses very complex subject matter. She researches, understands, applies to clinical practice, and then writes about various topics. This allows her to present the subject in a way a layperson can comprehend and apply, greatly shortening their learning curve.

I strongly recommend this book as an easy path for any health professional to become current in this fast evolving field of oral systemic health. The knowledge gained from her creation will also allow health professionals to better explain the connection and interactions between oral health and systemic health to the most important persons in our professional lives, our patients who are entrusting their health to our skills and knowledge.

Tim Rainey, DDS, MAGD


?Your book has been a godsend for our practice for patients and operators alike. Thank you.?I am happy to inform you that I did purchase a Crystalmark air abrasion unit from Mike Swan after going to a biomimetic conference in LA for doing minimally invasive work.?I know?you had suggested I add?air abrasion to our armamentarium in the past. It will be a great addition to our practice especially for children, early lesions and improved bond strengths for all repairs!

Sue S. DDS


Carol Vander Stoep has written ?the? definitive book,?Mouth Matters,?on oral/systemic connections and what the public can do to stay healthy. Yet this book is not for the public only, most health care professionals can learn from it too. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D., has often said, ?You are not healthy without good oral health.? Oral infections have systemic implications and systemic conditions have a reciprocal impact on oral health. Carol?s wonderful book is a great textbook that is not meant to be read linearly, rather it truly becomes a ?go-to? resource to find answers on the oral connections with the heart, diabetes, sex hormones, osteoporosis and much more.

The real power of this work is Carol?s book is its timely, accurate information written in a way readily accessible to most any reader. What makes it truly special is, though the first edition has been in print only a year, there is a now an updated second edition based on the latest information and connections. Carol is truly at the leading edge of this evolving field. This book takes philosophy into practical advice and is a must read for anyone looking to be healthy.

Patti DiGangi, RDH
ADA Evidence-Based Champion
Certified AGD presenter on periodontal disease


Carol has that rare quality of coupling years of extensive hands-on experience with easy to understand scientific backing.? This book brings years of important research to the forefront, allowing readers to understand the truth about dental health and the dangers of dental materials that are otherwise considered ?everyday tools.?? The information in this book should not be taken lightly, but rather shared with others in the hope that change can happen when enough people make their voices heard.

Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, IBDM, FIAOMT


Thanks for all the hard work and research you put into this book. I wish it were required reading in order to keep one?s dental license. It is sad so many people just do not have a clue. Never give up!

Jim Erpenbach, DDS


You have done an incredible job!! Your book needs to be part of every dental school curriculum. It should be required reading for every mother?. You have brought together some great things I have never seen in print before?.

William M. Hang, DDS, MSD


Mouth Matters?teaches much more than dental health alone. It is a holistic guide to reducing inflammatory stress and to healthy aging that can add years to your life and life to your years. Carol Vander Stoep provides in-depth practical understanding of issues relevant to personal oral health and dentistry for individuals and practitioners. This book is a great read for people seeking optimum health!

Jan DeCourtney, CMT
Author of “Recapture Your Health”?(with Walt Stoll,MD)


Words just don?t do justice to how impressed I am and how happy I am to see this information in print. Your book is incredibly comprehensive, yet very understandable ? not only to those of us in the profession, but to the public as well.? I can?t put your book down.? I want everyone I know to read it, especially my patients. What an accomplishment!? I am so happy for you about what the Universe has in store for you and your timely, extremely important message to? the WORLD!

Lana Fraley Rich, RDH


What Lay Readers Say
about Carol Vander Stoep?s?Mouth Matters

My 9 year old daughter was referred to an orthodontist about 3 months ago because her upper canines were clearly protruding (a family trait on both sides). I stumbled on your work and it made so much sense to me that I immediately started teaching her to close her mouth and breathe through her nose. Less than 3 months later those teeth are almost completely in line with the others. I think you just saved me $6000! I?m telling every mom I know about this! Thanks again??

Ellen G.


This is a fantastic book with SOOO much very useful information! I would highly recommend this book to everyone! My daughter was saved from painful and unnecessary dental work because I learned of other option in this book! I am so thankful to have found this book and plan to read it again because with so much information I’m sure I missed something.

Becki Strickland


I am writing a quick note to thank Carol Vander Stoep for opening my eyes to the reasons why what we put in our bodies has such a direct impact on our health. For me specifically, gum health, which has wide ramifications. I am a 53 year old carpenter with a decent work ethic who unfortunately spent thirty years making some bad choices. Smoking one to two packs of cigarettes per day, consuming sugar, fat and processed foods by the ton are examples. I have been battling gum disease for many years. I have spent thousands of dollars on gum treatments, extractions, and antibiotics with limited success. Until I met Carol and read her book I had no idea what exactly I was doing to myself, so much so that a few years prior I had a heart attack. My doctors attributed this solely to smoking. I learned otherwise as I became more educated about inflammation, plaque, consequences of poor dietary choices, etc. Carol?s straightforward no-nonsense attention to my specific case has given me understandable guidance and positive results that I am thankful for. I believe her unorthodox use of ozone has allowed me to keep my teeth. Needless to say my wife is happy, too. My hope is that more dental professionals will adopt the procedures and practices that Carol has so well researched, studied and implemented. They are making a difference in people?s lives. Gratitude must also be extended to Dr. Charles Warlick of Wimberley, Texas who invited Carol to work in our small town augmenting his excellent dental practice. Thanks again to Carol. Sounds corny, but you are my hero. Keep it up, don?t give up.

C.K. Brazil


I thought this book was amazing! It gave me a new understanding of diseases that can harm our health, ones that we might not otherwise be aware of. I like how the book is set up ? it makes a great reference if a specific issue is of interest. For instance, after reading chapter 12, I sought out myofunctional therapy. As a result, I am enjoying clearer skin, better oral health, and more energy (especially while exercising). Overall, this is a fantastic read for intelligent people who want to be proactive about their own health. Highly recommend.

Unknown reviewer on Amazon


Mouth Matters considers a multitude of Oh, really? factors I wish I had known when my kids were growing up, both for them and for me. I hadn’t known how damaging mouth-breathing and thumb-sucking are for babies or that removing 4 teeth “to make room for the others” would result in a misshapen profile. Thank goodness my mother took me to an orthodontist who didn’t believe in that, even though his main attraction was that he worked on Saturdays and I wouldn’t miss school for appointments! Neither did I know that teeth are “end organs” like the heart and kidneys because of the high number of capillaries that keep a tooth alive. I didn’t know about the pockets surrounding our teeth being such excellent hiding places for germs and the systemic diseases they can cause. Unhealthy gums mean an unhealthy body!

Carolyn C./Amazon




INTRODUCTION:?Like a puzzle, vitality and health depend on a web of interconnecting pieces. Oral health refects and influences general wellbeing.

1? HEALTH IS INTEGRATED BY DESIGN ūüėēHealth and wealth are an interconnected web.

2?GUARDING THE GATES:?Your mouth conceals subtle secrets. Poor oral health, especially in the elderly can lead to aspirated bacteria and viruses, sometimes with deadly results.

3? WHAT?S THE HEART GOT TO DO, GOT TO DO WITH IT?:?Chronic oral inflammation kindles fires in other places. Local infections evolve into systemic infections.

4??STROKE/CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE:?Oral bacteria target arteries that supply and nourish the brain.

5? DIABETES AS AN ACCELERATED AGING MODEL:??Poorly controlled blood sugar contributes to gum disease; poorly controlled gum disease contributes to high blood sugar.

6? WOMEN, SEX HORMONES, AND GUM DISEASE:??Hormonal influences on gum disease. Mothers with uncontrolled gum disease risk poor pregnancy outcomes.

7? OSTEOPOROSIS: WOMEN ? AND OLDER MEN ? AT RISK!:?Gum disease, low estrogen levels and some drugs induce osteoporosis. Therapies like Boniva and Fosamax create risk for areas of jawbone death.

8? SMOKING INFLUENCES: How smoking creates gum disease while masking damage.


9? ?ORAL CANCER:?Exposure to heat and chemicals accelerate?changes that cause oral cells to mutate. Gum disease adds risk.

10 KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS:?Oral considerations after kidneys fail.?Fluoride alert for diabetics and others with compromised kidneys. Consequences of suppressing the immune response.

11? THE NIGHTLY GRIND:?Joint dysfunction can be tricky and cause severe,?yet unobservable tooth damage. Surprising origins and?treatment outcomes can radically alter general health.

12 THE SECRET: BEAUTY, BRAINS, AND BODY BALANCE:?How to grow your child?s most beautiful face. How snoring can ruin your love life! The hazards of being tongue-tied. Extraction orthodontics ? links to poor health for a lifetime.

13?BEYOND THE DEATH SPIRAL: MODERN DENTISTRY 1908 VS. 1985:?Drill-free, needle-free dentistry without built-in obsolescence. Ozone?s multiple uses in dentistry.?What about root canals?

14?FOOD AS MEDICINE: Oxidation, omega 3 fatty acids, and the inflammatory nature of sugars and some oils. Exploring the connection between an under-diagnosed autoimmune disease and malnutrition.

15 IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT ? ARE YOU READY?:?Immune system support strategies and?the ongoing debate over mercury lling toxicity.

16?RISK IS NOT DESTINY: SIMPLE SOLUTIONS:?Easy strategies that improve your smile and breath.?Help for dry mouth sufferers. Think you?re fluoride deficient?


17 RESTRUCTURING TO MEET THE FUTURE:?How the status quo has failed prevention e orts and?left most Americans woefully ignorant and ill. Presenting some solutions.

18 FINAL WORDS: PRESCRIPTION FOR CHANGE:?A call for active participation to improve outcomes for all individuals and for society as a whole.




Appendix I. (Chapter Seven)
? ?A. Bone-Sparing Medications and Bisphosphonate?Cancer Therapies B. Recommendations For Managing Patients;?Receiving Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy

?Appendix II. (Chapter Eight) Tobacco Quitlines

Appendix III. (Chapter Ten) Kidney Transplants

Appendix IV. (Chapter Twelve)?Reflux and a Restricted Tongue (Tongue-Tied)

Appendix V.?(Chapter Thirteen)??A. Advancing Modern Dentistry B. The Potential for ?Brain Dysfunction??No more routinely putting kids to sleep ?C. Ozone? ? ? ??D.? Burning Tongue

Appendix VI. (Chapter Fifteen)??A. Additional websites about mercury fillings ?B. Baseline Protocol for Removing Mercury Fillings

Appendix VII. (Chapter 16)??A. In Between Clean! B. What Fluoride Opponents are Saying

Appendix VIII. X-Ray Guidelines

Appendix X. Menu for Immune System Support

Appendix XI. RDA Abrasivity Index for Toothpastes



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