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What Everyone Must Know About the Changing Face of Dentistry

If you don’t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don’t have them!

Hi! Welcome to my website. I’m Carol Vander Stoep, a dental hygienist with almost 40 years of experience in many facets of dentistry, some of which you may not have known existed. Writing two books about the role oral conditions plays in the role of general health turned up some radical surprises even I never suspected, usually from practitioners like me who have been in the business long enough to see what does and doesn’t work. And most of what we learned in dental school doesn’t work nearly as well as it could!

We know that from the repetitive failures of fillings on the way to ultimate tooth failure that then put stress on whole body health through poor nutrition if they are not replaced. And if they are, then root canals, cavitations from improperly extracted teeth and implants put their own special stresses on overall health.

We know it because of the epidemic of children who have crowded teeth and who don’t have room for wisdom teeth, not to mention the predominance of people in my generation who had four additional teeth removed by orthodontists “due to lack of room”! Virtually all of these people have compromised airways that lead to snoring and deadly sleep apnea. Think about it. How many people do you know who snore or are tired all the time!

I have so many clients who work hard at fine-tuning their health in many thoughtful, yet costly ways. A number of them try to accomplish heavy metal detoxing, but they overlook one critical fact: if a person’s airway partially or fully collapses at night, then the “fight or flight” part of their nervous system is dominant and EVERYTHING is on hold. No healing via cell regeneration, no resting, no hormone production, no detoxing. And serious oxygen deprivation to organs including brain cells that results in brain fog. Just looking at mercury, how awful to shake it loose from within cells to prepare it for elimination only to have it stored elsewhere because the body is too busy running from tigers all night!

These are just two ways we all need to think about health and how to solve the healthcare crisis that swamps us. Oftentimes root causes are oral conditions. Invest some time in learning what you can do to save some serious healthcare dollars while feeling vibrant and happier!

Who doesn’t want less dentistry? Here, less is definitely more, but you have to know how to flip the switches that make that work for you! Primal Dentistry,  Mouth Matters and the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series deliver disruptive medical information we all need!

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Limited Availability:  Apologies in advance for the impossibility of answering/researching all personal e-mail queries or comments posted to various blogs. I will however selectively answer those of a general nature so readers can benefit from other's questions. Please note: Carol Vander Stoep is a dental hygienist. Just as a dentist may not legally diagnose or offer personalized dental treatment advice via the Internet, neither may she. Carol will not dispense dental/medical advice via email.  If you have dental concerns, please schedule a consultation with a dental professional whose philosophy most closely aligns with yours. Mouth Matters and Primal Dentistry books and database as well as this website is an offering to help enlighten you about possible considerations and choices.

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