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Healthy Mouth Media Bonus

Choose your bonus:

Bonus One: If you purchase the book Primal Dentistry: Less is More, receive a free digital version of Mouth Matters: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can Do About It.

Bonus Two: If you invest in the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series geared towards the general public, receive a free digital version of Mouth Matters: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can Do About It.

Bonus Three: For dental professionals, a 50 percent fee reduction (email [email protected]) for access to the full version of Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective course?offering 36 hours Academy of General Dentistry CEU credit.These educational videos are also suitable for reception area streaming.?Included are:

  1. 16 inter-related Educational Video Modules 12+ Hours Total*
  2. Bonus: Searchable eBook,?Mouth Matters
  3. Bonus Signed Soft Cover Book:?Primal Dentistry: Less is More
  4. Bonus Video:?Fee for Service is Killing Us ? and Our Teeth!
  5. Bonus:?Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video.?Immerse yourself?in a sample therapy program that enlarges airways while establishing more balanced muscle function in the head and neck.
  6. Bonus Video:?Doctors Alleman and Shoup Talk About Biomimetic Dentistry!
  7. Support Material for Each Video Segment: More than 65 support documents including screening forms, client-friendly educational materials/InfoAds for advertising purposes, charts, checklists, PowerPoints and letter templates
  8. This course delivers 36 hours of CEUs (Upon completion of the course, CE Exchange Dental?will submit verification of CE earned by AGD members to the AGD so members can earn FAGD/MAGD credit.) for one person. Processing costs for additional CEUs is 147.00 per person. More videos may be added to this course at no extra cost to you.

If you don?t know you have choices, then you don?t have them!?Mouth Matters: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can Do About It, was first published in 2011, soon followed by?Primal Dentistry: Less is More.?If you prefer videos I?ve produced two versions of the series?Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective?in which I share inexpensive solutions for vibrant oral and general health most people haven?t yet considered. You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician?s or dentist?s offices.

Healthy Mouth Media Bonus
Healthy Mouth Media Bonus

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