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Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective

Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective Video Series

No question moneyed interests play a predominant role in our health including food availability that either enhances or diminishes it as well as healthcare delivery systems that?should?be designed to instill wellness, though reactive, acute care is more the norm. Do not accept the ?disease care?/rescue system we call ?health? care. Though many do, this symptom-driven, simplistic approach will never meaningfully ?cure? cancers or subdue the inflammation-driven chronic diseases that plague us.

Your body is incredibly resilient. It evolved to mend and remodel itself. Once you know how to ?work its switches? ? provide the essential nutrients and remove blocks to health ? the body can usually heal itself. Restoring health from the inside out is the heart of true medicine.

This eight-part video series?Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective?and my books,?Mouth Matters?and?Primal Dentistry,?help you do just that. They offer?insight into astonishingly simple, yet inexpensive solutions for vibrant health most people haven?t considered. You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician?s or dentist?s offices. I want to help you learn about these solutions, plus dental innovations from which you and your family?can benefit.?Because if you don?t know you have choices, then you don?t have them!

At your fingertips are a broad range of information, tools and resources to understand the relationship between your oral health and physical well being in your quest for optimal health and wellness.

I encourage you to share any of this with your dental or medical provider(s). Consumer demand is the fastest way to effect change. After all, when people began clambering for cosmetic dentistry in the 1980?s, just about every dentist jumped on board and became a ?cosmetic dentist? ? whatever?that?implies. I know that when people begin to demand various services I introduce you to such as?early, correct,?repeatable?diagnosis and lasting tooth repair that doesn?t compromise the teeth it is supposed to ?save? or sleep apnea screening, more dentists will follow the research and offer it.?Remember: YOU are key to the changes you want to see.

NOTE:?As you start to learn how closely interlinked oral and general health are and how fast research is shedding light on these intricacies, you will begin to appreciate that it is highly unlikely you will find just one practitioner who can accomplish everything you may want to address dentally. It is likely you will have to seek care from a variety of knowledgeable practitioners working collaboratively for your benefit and will involve travel to seek more enlightened and trained practitioners.

View the eight-part video series plus a bonus video and supplemental materials.

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Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective

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