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Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective Video Series

1.BioLOGICAL Dentistry

The move towards “biological dentistry” is ON! Integrated health must include dental treatment models that account for mercury and fluoride chemical toxicity as well as biological toxicity from the serious microbes emanating from root canals, cavitations, and untreated gum disease. Dental implants concern biological dentists both from a material biocompatibility perspective and from the disruption they can cause to the body’s electrical system.

Sit back and see how BioLOGICAL Dentistry can benefit you as you learn about mercury detoxing strategies, attractive facial development through correct oral posture, and other concerns some BioLOGICAL dentists address!

?2.Terrain Fundamentals

?Terrain Fundamentals?sets the stage for things YOU can do to take charge of your health. Here you will learn underlying metabolic derangements of which gum disease, cavities and soft and hard deposits that form on teeth are only symptoms. Learn strategies that resist inflammation while blasting apart a few common health myths! You?ll learn:

  1. Which whole body systemic failures are primarily responsible for tooth decay?
  2. The collision course between unsustainable agricultural policies and human health
  3. Radically different ways to think about why deposits form on teeth and several reasons why people lose the supportive bone anchoring their teeth. Hint: It?s not just about germs and infection!
  4. Managing pH and voltage for increased cellular energy, oxygen utilization, pain resistance and improved healing responses

?3.Energy Tune-ups

?This video expands on?Terrain Fundamental?s?introduction to managing pH/voltage/electrons available to do work or to think about cellular regeneration. Within each of your cells are an abundance of energy generators called mitochondria. Energy Tune-ups focuses on various ways to augment mitochondrial numbers and their energy output without excessive oxidation, which is key to:

  1. Fast and efficient metabolism
  2. High energy levels
  3. Excellent physical performance
  4. Good lean muscle mass to fat ratios
  5. Cognitive excellence

When you peel back all the layers of what it takes to be healthy, the ability to regenerate cells is primary. You have to produce enough energy in each cell for optimal regeneration of all cells including bones, brain and nerves. You also need to rock ATP energy output for natural endorphin release for life?s aches and pains, for restorative sleep, maximum vitality, and a balanced parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system. This video explores ways to flip on the body?s switches to remove health road blocks so all cells can operate efficiently, both individually and together. Learn seven ways you can boost mitochondrial numbers and output and then various ?energy medicine? tools you can use in your quest for optimal health, including at least eighteen dental applications for these tools.

4.Renewing Health From Inside Out

?Functional medicine is anchored by examining the core clinical imbalances that cause inflammation and that are processed by the mind and spirit through a unique set of genes, predispositions, attitudes, and beliefs. In this video I?ll review the role of:

  1. Nutrition and supplements, including water and the air we breathe
  2. Activity levels
  3. Coping skills
  4. Pharmaceuticals/recreational drugs
  5. Toxins

Heart disease/stroke, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancers, osteoporosis, poor pregnancy outcomes and neuro-developmental problems are all categorized as health problems driven by biofilms like the soft deposits that usually form on teeth daily. Biofilms also drive Lyme?s Disease, Epstein Barr Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, many researchers believe biofilms probably drive nearly 100% of all autoimmune diseases. They are certainly an entity those of us in dentistry deal with daily! Knowing how to manage these will help you manage gum disease, tooth decay and other associated inflammatory diseases. Patients?truly appreciate it when I introduce them to these things. I think you will, too.

5.Mind the Gap

?In this video, ?The Gap? to which I refer is that vulnerable marginal gum tissue that forms a collar around the neck of each tooth where plaques commonly hide out. I?ll show you economical, fast and fun ways to bring a local game plan into play while you learn to extinguish body-wide roadblocks to health and activate the switches that help your body become more resilient to disease as discussed in other videos present. Yes, these are technically crutches you can use as you address deeper issues, but they?re so enjoyable, everyone likes to do them!

6.Keeping Your Second Brain Happy!

As a Nobel Prize winner said almost 200 years ago, ?Death begins in the gut?. How prescient! This fast-paced presentation highlights what we know about maintaining gut integrity to avoid osteoporosis (think gum disease), autoimmune issues and whole body microbial imbalances and maladaptions. And since most of your immune system resides in your gut, implementing what you learn here can put you back on the road to boosting your immune system. Twelve oral clues hint at gut integrity loss. Gut and oral health are interrelated, so the 15+ tricks presented here are another great way to help you simultaneously improve your oral and general health! This video lays the foundation for two subjects I introduce in Primal Dentistry: the critical role methylation abilities play in health and mercury toxicity.

7.Airway Development Starts at Birth!

Many dental schools are realizing they need to teach a course in recognizing and treating sleep apnea. Though those who have timed out of the airway development window require obstructive sleep apnea treatment before their health fails on multiple levels, we must encourage and teach our children from birth habitual oral postures that guide proper airway development so they can avoid snoring and deadly apnea at the same time as they reap a slew of beauty and wellness benefits.

If you anticipate an unborn or young child or grandchild might want to sing, play a musical instrument, or become an athlete without some serious physiological challenges, you must understand and begin to implement what I teach here as early as possible. Note: As a bonus, I have included the Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video I made when there were an extremely limited number of myofunctional therapists available. Use it as an introduction to the benefits one-on-one therapy with a myofunctional therapist can offer you or your children. If you have already worked with a therapist, it is a review of many of the exercises you may have done when you perceive ??touch-ups? are necessary.

8.Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral

Less Drilling Feels Great! The revolution is here. This video describes novel dentistry that minimizes a need for use of the dental drill as well as the accompanying need for shots. It also explains how seeking out this kind of dentistry will save your teeth, enhances your health, and seriously contains dental costs. What more could anyone want? But you have to know to ask for it. This video is an introduction to Minimally Invasive Preventive Dentistry, Biomimetic Dentistry and Ozone Therapy.


Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video

What is?Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy? As with developing an excellent golf swing, tennis swing, or other sport move, you must develop muscle tone and a style, and then use repetition to build connections between your brain and muscles (neuromuscular training) to make the moves automatic. In the same way, myofunctional therapy is the neuro-muscular toning and re-education of oral, facial, and pharyngeal muscles (lips, tongue, cheeks, face, and throat) through a series of activities, which helps normalize the developing or developed, head and neck structures and their function. The therapy includes behavioral modification and also eliminates dysfunctional habits. It disorganizes, the repatterns related functions of these muscles such as breathing, sucking, chewing, swallowing and speech as well as the rest position of the tongue and cheeks. Therapy forms, balances, and stabilizes, the mouth, jaws and their associated structures as well as systems of the skull. This therapy could probably benefit everyone, but especially young people in the process of developing their airways and even adults who need to increase their airway size, especially if they have obstructive sleep apnea.

If you think you ace the three critical oral postures I promote in the supplemental article?Facial Meltdown included in the video series,?I thought I did too until long after I?d researched and written this material, so I ?get? denial! It took a long time for me to develop personal awareness, so I know it is hard to grasp one?s need for myofunctional therapy as part of a collaborative approach. If you want a faster learning curve than I had about the possibilities you might need help, check out the supplemental material: Questionnaire-Do-I-need-Myofunctional-Therapy?and the Self-Check for Myofunctional Therapy video that illustrates some of the questions and analysis techniques.



  1. Smoking Points of Oils
  2. Facial Meltdown
  3. Word Lists for?Myofunctional Therapy Bonus Video

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Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective Membership

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