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?I?m Carol Vander Stoep, a dental hygienist, myofunctional therapist, writer, educator ? and advocate for a gentle revolution in dentistry consistent with current revolutionary understandings in what it means to be healthy. My Facial Meltdown blog is drawn from my experiences as a therapist and the research from my first book MouthMatters and is my most popular blog.?

Learn why in most cases, orthodontic therapy treats one symptom of a facial collapse during development. It generally ignores the root cause of crooked teeth ? poor oral posture. Straight teeth can be the?goal?of orthodontic care, but they should never be the?point,?because?crowded teeth are the last indication your child?s facial ? and airway development ? is distorting. Not always obvious, a collapsed airway is first and leads to a broad range of health problems most people would never imagine are related. If you do not correct oral posture, orthodontic therapy takes longer when it?is?successful and relapses ninety-four percent of the time without lifetime retention. In fact, ignoring oral posture and accepting traditional orthodontic treatment dramatically adds to underlying problems and often makes a person less attractive.

What do you most value for yourself and family? What would you pay for the following traits in your children and how would your lives improve socially and economically were you to maximize these?

Facial Meltdown Access

What are the social and economic costs of the following and more:

Facial Meltdown Access

What if you took back the power to help your children shape their own faces ? and futures ? with three simple, but critical oral postures? Don?t ignore these for yourself, since faces remodel throughout a lifetime. Effects are simply less dramatic after age 12.?Learn how and why here in my blog.

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My blog exists solely through the generosity of its readers. This helps me to research and provide written and video content as inexpensively or near-free as possible. For just $1.97, you will become a supporting member and give me the opportunity to continue to serve this fabulous, growing community.

Facial Meltdown is provided in my new eight-part video series?Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective.?This educational series provides insight into astonishingly simple, yet inexpensive solutions for vibrant health most people haven?t considered. You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician?s or dentist?s offices.

Limited Availability:  Apologies in advance for the impossibility of answering/researching all personal e-mail queries or comments posted to various blogs. I will however selectively answer those of a general nature so readers can benefit from other's questions. Please note: Carol Vander Stoep is a dental hygienist. Just as a dentist may not legally diagnose or offer personalized dental treatment advice via the Internet, neither may she. Carol will not dispense dental/medical advice via email.  If you have dental concerns, please schedule a consultation with a dental professional whose philosophy most closely aligns with yours. Mouth Matters and Primal Dentistry books and database as well as this website is an offering to help enlighten you about possible considerations and choices.

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