Mission Statement

Why This Course, Why Now

If I may speak directly to you, dental practitioner to dental practitioner: we are in a far tougher field than I imagined when I started nearly forty years ago and our practice environment continues to be more challenging over time. Competition is fierce. True or not, you wear a target on your back screaming, Wealthy! Uh, not after you’ve bought into scads of equipment with no way to recoup after proffered empty promises don’t pan out.

My original intended audience when I started my advocacy fifteen years ago was the general public and I found my philosophies garnered from thought leaders in the industry resonated with them incredibly well worldwide. So much so, I often feel like the character in Bruce Almighty as all the prayers in the world translated into millions of arriving post-it notes per second. Along with these dental thought leaders, I am sincerely concerned about the lack of respect our field receives. I also extensively hear from highly intelligent, educated people who have lost respect for and avoid dentists to their detriment.


A Win For Everyone

? ? This course is an attempt to help both dentists and? their clients (present and future!) win to the best of my ability. One mentor once quipped that one of my hour-long videos succinctly presented what he spent eight hours teaching. That is why I chose this course presentation method. It is the most effective and economical way I can bring this broad range of information with its accompanying? supplemental materials designed to aid implementation as well as patient education to you. The ability to share these videos with your staff and also patients in your reception area is a tremendous value and geared towards saving practitioner operatory time.


Beta testers reviewing this course suggest a fee of $5000.00 but I am uncomfortable with that ? not because it isn?t worth it. I believe it is, but that doesn?t resonate with my reasons for doing any of the work I?ve done for the last 15 years. I want you to invest because you want to learn what I know about oral/systemic medicine, some of which you can begin to implement immediately to the delight of your clients. My ear is to the ground on this.?This?is the new niche in dentistry patients really want and will not help you just survive in this climate, but thrive with joy!

For this reason also I eschew gimmicky sales tactics. No discounted introductory fee, no jacked up fee I?ll mark down to draw you in. My fee for this course is 2343.00* and will help me cover the costs of bringing it to you. If there is anything I can do to help you be more successful, don’t hesitate to let me know!

* This course delivers 36 hours of CEUs (Upon completion of the course, CE Exchange Dental?will submit verification of CE earned by AGD members to the AGD so members can earn FAGD/MAGD credit.) for one person. Processing costs for additional CEUs is 147.00 per person. More videos may be added to this course at no extra fee to you.


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