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I’m looking for people just like you who are ready for a positive change. Most of what we learned in dental school doesn?t work nearly as well as it could! Dozens of questions arose over my career, with few apparent answers. Only as I studied and mixed with thought leaders who?ve dedicated decades to solving dental conundrums did most of these answers neatly fall into place. Through this video course, I will show you how to provide cost and time effective treatment so you will have happier and healthier clients. They will thank you with their loyalty and referrals. Let’s do this together!


Course Videos

Course Videos are based on years of research and practical application by many successful dentists.


Just a Few of the Videos Offered


Gut Health

This fast-paced presentation highlights what we know about maintaining gut integrity to avoid osteoporosis (think periodontal disease), whole body dysbiosis and autoimmune issues and to boost the immune system.


Fee Based Service is Killing Us

Working smarter and more effortlessly, receiving economic rewards you deserve and delivering immediate and long-term health and economic benefits for your clients benefits everyone.


Ozone Uses

Ozone is a perfect and extremely safe part of the answer to most of the matters with which we deal in as we desensitize root surfaces, thoroughly clean out sockets, reverse the decay process, kill microbes involved in periodontal disease and so on.


Energy Tune-ups

Learn seven ways you can encourage your clients to boost mitochondrial numbers and output and then various “energy medicine’ tools you can use. You will also learn at least eighteen dental applications that will set your office apart.


Tools for Knowledge-to-Action as Easy As 1, 2, 3

View the online streaming videos whenever and wherever you choose. You are welcome to make use of all of the supporting materials. If you would like additional support, training for your staff, or a consultation; please contact us.


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