Changing the Face of Dentistry with Carol Vander Stoep, BSDH, OMT

?How?s that working for you??

There is an extensive range of treatment choices within dentistry. Carol Vander Stoep answers the question: ?How is That Working For [US]?? Much of what ?corporate? dentistry does fails repetitively. Our parachute does not open, teeth die and insurance pays for each successive failing step. Carol cuts to the chase and states what works and what doesn?t so you can make solid, evidence-based choices that work for you!?

Wendell Robertson, DDS, PC
Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, Vice President
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Member
International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine, Member
Alleman-Deliperi Center, Master Instructor

Why Invest in This Course?

Traditional dentistry opened a Pandora?s box of downstream health consequences the general public is beginning to understand well. Carol?s course will help you tap a flood of unmet demand for advanced dentistry that?s easier for you and your clients. Learn how to maximize profits, minimize how hard you work and build your practice swiftly while saving your clients serious future dental and healthcare costs.


Become A Recommended Choice for Integrated, Whole Body, Value-added Dentistry

Incremental practice changes reap tremendous rewards in practice pleasure and financial rewards. You can be the preferred choice for clients who will travel across the country regularly to seek what you offer.

Learn from Experts

The distilled knowledge gained from Carol?s decades of work and research will allow health professionals to better explain the connection and interactions between oral health and systemic health to the most important persons in our professional lives, our clients, who entrust their health to our skills and knowledge. Some of Carol?s acclaimed mentors are:

  1. Tim Rainey, DDS, MAGD
  2. William Hang, DDS, MSD
  3. Dave Alleman, DDS
  4. Matthew Gillespie, DDS
  5. Wendall Robertson, DDS
  6. Phil Mollica, DMD
  7. Robert Harris, DDS
  8. Joy Moeller, BS, RDH

Build an Innovative Practice

To help you build an innovative dental practice, we also offer personalized staff training and consultations. Carol especially enjoys introducing practices to ways they can? implement ozone, effective equipment choices and screening for myofunctional therapy needs and compliance with the new ADA policy regarding client assessment for Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) as well as streamlined treatment that saves everyone time and frustration.

Achieve Your Goals

We will help you expand your practice?s successes and recapture your enthusiasm for dentistry. We will also help you be invaluable in today?s rapidly changing health landscape. As you inject what you learn here into your practice, you?ll not only save lives and future healthcare costs for your clients, you?ll also learn how to provide better service, keep more of what you earn, grow your practice and enjoy it more!


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