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Primal Dentistry: Less is MORE (2018)


pri?mal adjective

  1. relating to an early stage in evolutionary development

synonyms: original, initial, earliest, first

  1. essential; fundamental

?synonyms: basic, elemental, vital, central, intrinsic, inherent



Cavities and gum disease are systemic diseases with systemic answers; oral health should be a cornerstone of functional medicine.

1 What Is Primal Dentistry?

Our hunter gathering ancestors made enjoying a healthy mouth natural, but today?s conveniences dictate counter-balances we need to know about and implement.

2 Staging Yourself: Healing From the Inside Out

Six ways to keep your gut ? your ?second brain? happy!

3 Your Second Brain: Going Primal

Wake up taste receptors body-wide for better health.

4 Gardening Your Mouth?

Choose from a sm?rg?sbord of enjoyable localized options to keep your mouth near a neutral pH and prevent damaging biofilms from adhering to teeth.

5? When Negative Ions Deliver Positive Health!

Energy medicine is the future. Your nervous system, circulatory system and muscles are examples of electrically- driven sub-systems operating within a bioelectrical body.

6 Health Reboot! Oxygen Therapies Recharge Your? Batteries

All serious disease states share a low oxygen state within tissues. Oxygen therapies kick healing systems into high gear!

7? A Magic Silver Bullet???????????????????

Does silver live up to its aeons-old reputation for warding off disease?

8??Why Hemp? Of Locks and Keys

?Hemp (cannabis minus its one psychoactive compound) is one of the most versatile medicinal herbs in terms of phytochemistry. Mythology should not limit its use.

9??New Health BuZzz: MTHFR Gene Variations?????????????????

Every body cell must methylate well full-time to function well full-time. Heavy metals and nitrous oxide shut methylation down. How do you restart the pathways?


Vaporization from mercury-laden fillings is incompatible?with optimal health. Who?s most at risk? Should you remove them? If so, what is a basic protocol?

11?Mercury Detoxification??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sample protocols for eliminating mercury from body tissues

12? Life and death decisions: developing a healthy airway???????? ???????????????????????

Three specific oral postures help your child maximize airway development and attractiveness. What is myofunctional therapy? The hazards of being tongue-tied. How snoring can ruin your love life!

13 Is Sleep a Waste of Time or is Time a Waste Without Sleep? ??? ??????????????

Repercussions of sleep disordered breathing ? and dental solutions.

14?The Best Dentistry is No Dentistry; Less Drilling Feels Great!??????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Early, repeatable, accurate decay diagnosis and understanding subtle tooth structures that keep a tooth from breaking later is key to keeping teeth a lifetime, yet traditional dentists are generally not well-versed. What you should know.

15 The Best Dentistry is No Dentistry;? Biomimetic dentistry????????????? ????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????

Tooth repair should mimic nature as closely as possible, structurally, mechanically and in beauty. Biomimetic dentists rebuild teeth without crowns and safely replace traditional fillings in ways that help a tooth survive. Guest chapter by Wendell Robertson, DDS

16 BioLOGICAL Dentistry????????????????

Mercury, fluoride and root canals ? OH MY! What?s all the fuss?

17 Dentistry?s Legacy Part 2 (Thyroid)???????????????

An introduction to thyroid function and why you ?should protect this hormone powerhouse.

18 Fee for service is Killing Us!?

An insightful examination of fee for service dental insurance and how it rewards mediocre dentists that place dental work that cyclically fails. Guest chapter by Matthew Gillespie, DDS.

19 Final Words: Prescription for Change???????

A call for active participation to improve outcomes for all individuals and for society as a whole.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? APPENDICES??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Appendix A. Understanding Good Fats and Oils ???????????????????????????????????

Appendix B. Spirochetes????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Appendix C. Choosing a Dentist (Guest commentary by? Wendell Robertson, DDS)???????????????? ????? ??????????? ????????????????? ?

Appendix D. Mercury Detoxification Sample Protocol

Appendix E. The Potential for Brain Dysfunction: No More Routinely Putting Kids to Sleep

Appendix F. Burning Mouth?

Appendix G.?”Berlin Declaration?Shows Amalgam Has Entered Its Twilight Years” Reprinted Courtesy of?Dentistry Today.

Appendix H. Ketogenic Eating Style?For Optimal Weight, Mental and Physical Performance ? ? ? ??

Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body


If you don?t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don?t have them!

Integrative medicine models barely acknowledge that oral conditions and dental materials and techniques influence whole body health. They certainly overlook the critical role oral posture plays on orofacial development.?Mouth Matters?corrects those omissions. Optimizing facial attractiveness and developing enough airway to avoid snoring and sleep apnea is just one health aspect at stake.

Mouth Matters?is also a holistic guide to reducing inflammatory stress and to healthy aging that can add years to your life ? and life to your years! Includes Menu For Immune System Support.

Providing a practical understanding of issues relevant to personal oral health and dentistry,?Mouth Matters?is a great read for people seeking optimum health ? individuals and practitioners alike.




INTRODUCTION:?Like a puzzle, vitality and health depend on a web of interconnecting pieces. Oral health refects and influences general wellbeing.

1? HEALTH IS INTEGRATED BY DESIGN 😕Health and wealth are an interconnected web.

2?GUARDING THE GATES:?Your mouth conceals subtle secrets. Poor oral health, especially in the elderly can lead to aspirated bacteria and viruses, sometimes with deadly results.

3? WHAT?S THE HEART GOT TO DO, GOT TO DO WITH IT?:?Chronic oral inflammation kindles fires in other places. Local infections evolve into systemic infections.

4??STROKE/CAROTID ARTERY DISEASE:?Oral bacteria target arteries that supply and nourish the brain.

5? DIABETES AS AN ACCELERATED AGING MODEL:??Poorly controlled blood sugar contributes to gum disease; poorly controlled gum disease contributes to high blood sugar.

6??WOMEN, SEX HORMONES, AND GUM DISEASE:??Hormonal influences on gum disease. Mothers with uncontrolled gum disease risk poor pregnancy outcomes.

7? OSTEOPOROSIS: WOMEN ? AND OLDER MEN ? AT RISK!:?Gum disease, low estrogen levels and some drugs induce osteoporosis. Therapies like Boniva and Fosamax create risk for areas of jawbone death.

8? SMOKING INFLUENCES:?How smoking creates gum disease while masking damage.


9? ?ORAL CANCER:?Exposure to heat and chemicals accelerate?changes that cause oral cells to mutate. Gum disease adds risk.

10?KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS:?Oral considerations after kidneys fail.?Fluoride alert for diabetics and others with compromised kidneys. Consequences of suppressing the immune response.

11? THE NIGHTLY GRIND:?Joint dysfunction can be tricky and cause severe,?yet unobservable tooth damage. Surprising origins and?treatment outcomes can radically alter general health.

12?THE SECRET: BEAUTY, BRAINS, AND BODY BALANCE:?How to grow your child?s most beautiful face. How snoring can ruin your love life! The hazards of being tongue-tied. Extraction orthodontics ? links to poor health for a lifetime.

13?BEYOND THE DEATH SPIRAL: MODERN DENTISTRY 1908 VS. 1985:?Drill-free, needle-free dentistry without built-in obsolescence. Ozone?s multiple uses in dentistry.?What about root canals?

14?FOOD AS MEDICINE:?Oxidation, omega 3 fatty acids, and the inflammatory nature of sugars and some oils. Exploring the connection between an under-diagnosed autoimmune disease and malnutrition.

15?IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT ? ARE YOU READY?:?Immune system support strategies and?the ongoing debate over mercury lling toxicity.

16?RISK IS NOT DESTINY: SIMPLE SOLUTIONS:?Easy strategies that improve your smile and breath.?Help for dry mouth sufferers. Think you?re fluoride deficient?


17?RESTRUCTURING TO MEET THE FUTURE:?How the status quo has failed prevention e orts and?left most Americans woefully ignorant and ill. Presenting some solutions.

18?FINAL WORDS: PRESCRIPTION FOR CHANGE:?A call for active participation to improve outcomes for all individuals and for society as a whole.




Appendix I.?(Chapter Seven)
? ?A.?Bone-Sparing Medications and Bisphosphonate?Cancer Therapies?B.?Recommendations For Managing Patients;?Receiving Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy

?Appendix II.?(Chapter Eight) Tobacco Quitlines

Appendix III.?(Chapter Ten) Kidney Transplants

Appendix IV.?(Chapter Twelve)?Reflux and a Restricted Tongue (Tongue-Tied)

Appendix V.?(Chapter Thirteen)??A.?Advancing Modern Dentistry?B.?The Potential for ?Brain Dysfunction??No more routinely putting kids to sleep ?C.?Ozone? ? ? ??D.? Burning Tongue

Appendix VI.?(Chapter Fifteen)??A.?Additional websites about mercury fillings ?B.?Baseline Protocol for Removing Mercury Fillings

Appendix VII.?(Chapter 16)??A.?In Between Clean!?B.?What Fluoride Opponents are Saying

Appendix VIII.?X-Ray Guidelines

Appendix X.?Menu for Immune System Support

Appendix XI.?RDA Abrasivity Index for Toothpastes

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