Primal Dentistry Educational Videos


  • Dental practitioners who want to expand their practice?s successes, while building enthusiasm
  • Health professionals seeking to blast through oral health-related roadblocks that might obstruct their own treatment successes
  • Students who need to know how oral conditions affect general health


  • 16 Inter-related Educational Video Modules 12+ Hours Total
  • Bonus: Searchable eBook,?Mouth Matters
  • Bonus Signed Soft Cover Book: Primal Dentistry: Less is More
  • Bonus: Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video. Immerse yourself?in a sample therapy program that enlarges airways while establishing more balanced muscle function in the head and neck.
  • Support Material for Each Video Segment: More than 65 support documents including screening forms, client-friendly educational materials/InfoAds for advertising purposes, charts, checklists, PowerPoints and letter templates
  • Bonus Video: Fee for Service is Killing Us ? and Our Teeth!
  • Bonus Video: Doctors Alleman and Shoup Talk About Biomimetic Dentistry!

For dental professionals and other healthcare practitioners who?

understand the startling revelations of the past decade that indicate oral health and development is front and center when it comes to general health maintenance ? and even survival!?

This exclusive dental video series is designed?

to help you be invaluable in today?s rapidly changing health landscape. As you inject what you learn here into your practice, you?ll not only save lives and future healthcare costs for your clients, you?ll also learn how to provide better service, keep more of what you earn, grow your practice and enjoy it more.

New Patients are already looking for you!

The current move toward ?functional medicine? has dropped a wealth of opportunity and responsibility on you. Learn where the science is, what the prevailing trends in oral care and development are ? because the general public is seeking them now. Take your practice to the next level!

Terrain Fundamentals

Terrain Fundamentals?sets the stage for this series. This introduction offers talking points to which patients readily respond as they learn the underlying metabolic derangements of which periodontal disease, calculus and cavities are only symptoms. You will learn strategies that resist inflammation, normalize blood pressure/triglyceride levels and protect the metagenome for future generations while blasting apart a few common health myths! You?ll learn:

  1. Which systemic failures are primarily responsible for caries?
  2. The collision course between unsustainable agricultural policies and health
  3. Radically different ways to think about calculus, alveolar bone loss and periodontal disease
  4. Managing pH/voltage for increased mitochondrial output, oxygen utilization, less pain and improved healing responses
  5. How to motivate patients to effect positive lifestyle strategies

Energy Tuneups

This video expands on?Terrain Fundamental?s?introduction to managing pH/voltage/electrons available to do work or how to think about cellular regeneration, focusing on various ways to improve mitochondrial numbers and output without excessive oxidation, the key to:

  • Fast and efficient metabolism
  • High energy levels
  • Excellent exercise performance
  • Good lean muscle mass to fat ratios
  • Cognitive excellence

When you peel back all the layers of what it takes to be healthy, the ability to regenerate cells is primary. You have to produce enough energy in each cell for optimal regeneration of all cells including bones, brain and nerves. You also need to rock ATP output for natural endorphin release for life?s aches and pains, for restorative sleep, maximum vitality, and a balanced parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system. This video explores ways to flip on the body?s switches to remove health road blocks so all cells can operate efficiently, both individually and together. Learn seven ways you can encourage your clients to boost mitochondrial numbers and output and then various ?energy medicine? tools you can use. You will also learn at least eighteen dental applications that will set your office apart.

Putting the Last Laugh to Brittle Bones

Osteoporosis is near the top of the list when talking about diseases that are symptoms of whole-body inflammation, so everything we talk about having to do with reducing inflammation applies. Everything you want to think about employing in your office to help your clients reduce it will help those with osteoporosis, which of course doesn?t spare the alveolar bone that anchors teeth. In previous videos, I talked about how not just oral pH, but whole body pH plays into inflammation in a big way! Putting together what you know so far, you can see that osteoporosis is another way to say a person is energy deficient, which I?ll explore more in this video. You?ll hear more about the influences of:

  1. Estrogen
  2. The pineal gland?s role (and how dentistry should be thinking about protecting it)
  3. PPIs to ?tame? GERD
  4. Apnea or other reasons for sleep deprivation
  5. Mouth breathing
  6. Bisphosphonates
  7. Insulin
  8. Gluten intolerance

Today you?ll learn what you can do to help your clients understand these issues.

Renewing Health From Inside Out

Renewing Health from the Inside Out: Functional medicine is anchored by examining the core clinical imbalances that cause inflammation and that are processed by the mind and spirit through a unique set of genes, predispositions, attitudes, and beliefs. In this video I?ll review the role of : a. Nutrition and supplements, including water and the air we breathe b. Activity levels c. Coping skills d. Pharmaceuticals/recreational drugs e. Toxins You?ll learn concepts and ready-to-go talking points you can easily begin to introduce into your dental practice. If you think about it, heart disease/stroke, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancers, osteoporosis, poor pregnancy outcomes and neuro- developmental problems are all categorized as health problems driven by biofilms as are Lyme?s disease, Epstein Barr, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lupus and RA. In fact, many researchers believe biofilms probably drive nearly 100% of all autoimmune diseases. Biofilms are certainly in our wheelhouse! Particularly your hygienist should be well-versed in these ideas as she helps your clients manage gum disease, caries and other associated inflammatory diseases. Patients?love it?when I talk about these things and become even more loyal to the practice!

Diabetes as an Accelerated Aging Model

Gum disease and diabetes are synergistic conditions. Gum disease is the first symptom to emerge in those with diabetes, often showing itself in childhood before all other complications. Diabetes is certainly one of those ?end-organ? diseases I talked about in the introductory video. Lifestyle diabetes affects all end organs and is the quintessential model of the bi-directionality between periodontal disease and whole body health though the mechanisms are amplified. Clients seriously appreciate the talking points and screening I present in this video if they are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or simply at risk of developing diabetes. And if they have bleeding on probing, they?re at risk. THAT?S how I get their attention though you?ll learn at least nine other associated oral conditions and five other visual clues that should alert you to screen for it.

Mind the Gap

Economical, fast and fun ways that demonstrate to your clients you go above and beyond traditional practices to bring a local game plan into play while your clients learn to extinguish their roadblocks to health and activate the switches that help their bodies become more resilient to disease as the other videos in this series present. Yes, these are technically crutches they can use as they address the deeper issues, but they?re so enjoyable, everyone likes to do them!

Keeping Your Second Brain Happy!

As Nobel Prize winner said almost 200 years ago, ?Death begins in the gut?. How prescient! This fast-paced presentation highlights what we know about maintaining gut integrity to avoid osteoporosis (think periodontal disease), whole body dysbiosis and autoimmune issues and to boost the immune system. There are twelve oral clues you can use to easily alert you to a client?s damaged gut integrity. Gut and oral health are interrelated, so the 15+ tricks presented here are another great way to help our clients simultaneously improve their oral and general health! This video lays the foundation for the two videos which follow.

Methylation From a Dental Perspective

What is methylation? Why should you care? Why might an inability to methylate well pose a greater threat to your health compared to people not in the dental profession? This video answers these questions and reviews 30+ every day exposures that can blow this critical cycle with an emphasis on dental office hazards of which you may not yet be aware. It then helps you know how to work around these exposures or a bad set of gene SNPs. You?ll learn how methylation ties into many health conditions your clients have including periodontal disease, mental health, autism, GI tract issues ATP output for healing. Last it offers numerous clinical ways to recognize patients who under- or hyper-methylate. This video is a personal MUST for dental practitioners!

Dentistry's Catch 22: Mercury

We all recognize mercury is a serious systemic poison. Mercury levels of dental personnel average at least two times that of controls for hair, urine, toenails, and for blood. Some people are far more sensitive to its effects than others. What places some people at much higher risk of its retention? It isn?t just about exposure, but about how upregulated the rest of a body?s systems are ? whether a person can process mercury all the way through elimination or does it get stuck elsewhere like the brain? Gut health and the status of the brain?s housekeeping proteins are just the beginning of what you should know for your clients? and employees? health sure, but perhaps yours most of all.

Why Won't This Debate Fade?

Fluoride has many serious systemic effects we didn?t know about when the practice of water fluoridation was instituted decades ago. Worse, dosage is completely impossible to control, much less avoid, at least in the U.S. While we all suffer side effects we don?t tie to fluoridation, diabetics, athletes and babies are at highest risk. As established, teeth decay when the body suffers mineral imbalances, not a lack of local or systemic fluoride exposure. In fact, since there are three ways teeth decay from the inside out, fluoride delays caries diagnosis. I guarantee some shocking surprises await you! Don?t learn the hard way, as a recognized dental lecturer I mention did.

Another Catch 22: Cavitations and Root Canals

GV Black described cavitations in 1915, yet the condition is still not widely recognized in dentistry, perhaps because it is a slang term, but one with which your clients are more familiar. Technically, it refers to the condition of ischemic osteonecrosis when there is no pain present, and neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis when there is pain. These are hidden, yet serious dental infections that have the potential to wreak havoc on general health. In the light of the fact that when I last checked at least 53 types of oral spirochetes have been identified, this makes sense. Since the advent of microbial DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests, cavitations and root canal toxicity just can?t be belief systems any more. Running these tests and understanding the findings and repercussions for your clients can help answer some obscure pieces of their health puzzle, especially if they?re housing some wicked spirochetes! What lab offers these for dentistry? What precautions can you take to help your clients avoid cavitations in the first place and so much more are answered here.

What CAN'T Ozone Do?

This short, yet powerful presentation will blow your socks off! Ozone is a perfect and extremely safe part of the answer to most of the matters with which we deal day in and day out either and directly as we desensitize root surfaces, thoroughly clean out sockets, reverse the decay process, kill microbes involved in periodontal disease and so on ? or indirectly, as it up-regulates fibroblast activity, mitochondrial production and so on. Most docs begin using it strictly for local dental purposes only to swiftly move on into other applications, if not for their patients, then for their families and themselves. Learn why here. I can?t imagine practicing without it or using it systemically in my daily life as it stimulates intact biological systems that renew health. Bonus section introduces a turn-key clean air/clean water system that will not only keep your DUWL cleaner than any other system, but will also improve your resin bonds, especially if you use biomimetic techniques!

Your Role in Airway Development

By now I hope you realize you can save a lot of lives as you start to practice dentistry differently. This video offers concepts we never considered when we entered dental school, though many of these ideas have been well-known in other countries. Who would have guessed even a decade ago that teaching expectant or new moms and young children that their oral posture controls airway development, thus their beauty and airway functionality would land directly into our laps?! If parents anticipate their child might want to sing, play a musical instrument, or become an athlete without some serious challenges, they should know what we can teach them. I believe every office needs a person who understands what I talk about here and can guide your clients to the resources they need. Anyone practitioner can screen for what I talk about here. In dental offices your hygienist is the natural choice, as she can screen for airway development through observation she does during appointments anyway, just with new eyes. This is one more place clients are sometimes ahead of us, since they?re learning about this from the Internet, Westin Price, the wildly successful Paleo movement and other sources. Keep a myofunctional therapist on fast-dial and save some lives!

After the Fact of Poor Airway Development

When Plan A, correct oral posture during airway development fails, as it has for most people in the U.S., we need a Plan B! Studies pretty much indicate that 1 out of 3 of your dental clients are at high risk for sleep apnea and that their primary care physicians are not figuring this problem out on their own. They often don?t even realize how many of their health problems are simply symptoms of sleep apnea! This golden opportunity to help your clients and yourself has completely fallen into your lap! While I suggest you?do?address this in your practice, even if you just screen people for obstructive sleep apnea and refer clients out, you are still a hero. If you followed the last video and have someone in place to help with the airway development side of the business, they are also well placed to understand how to treat this with your oversight. This is especially fast, accurate and easy with the new technology I use and demonstrate. You?ll reliably know ahead of time which clients you can help and those you can?t ? or when a dental device can only be a part of the solution. And now with clenching classified as a classic symptom of sleep disordered breathing problems, at the very least this will help you make airway-centric bruxing splints that aren?t pass?.

Less Is More! Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The revolution is here! ?Less is More? applies to tooth repair like no other philosophy. Advanced dentistry as presented in this and the next video, minimizes what patients hate most ?drilling and shots ? while it saves teeth from repeated costs and slashes long-term dental costs. Even better, I?ve teamed up with a doctor who can help you make it financially successful for you AND your clients. Nothing builds a practice like advanced dentistry where you make more money, work less hard and your clients save significant future dental and healthcare costs. And of course happy clients are your biggest referral source. This is the direction dentistry must turn to. Clients are waiting!

Picking Up the Pieces When Traditional Dentistry Fails

When the possibility of early detection and minimally invasive techniques have bypassed our patients, there are wonderful techniques most dentists have not yet discovered that would serve our patients better. You may not realize that there has been an increase in restorative failures as consumers are buying there their way out of mercury-laden fillings. Why is that? It?s because more resin fillings are being done than ever before. The problem lies with our teaching institutions, who are slow to catch up with the requirements of successfully placing these new materials. I?m sure you?d be shocked to know many of these fillings begin to fail before your patients even walk out of the door as the weak bond leaks and the composite filling shrinks. In this video, I?ll explain why and also pick up where ?Less is More! Minimally Invasive Dentistry? left off. Composite dentistry must be advanced adhesion dentistry using engineering principals that account for the intricate living tooth structure and using materials that mimic these various structures and techniques that take C-factor into account. These techniques have been worked out in detail and are well-documented in the literature. You?ll learn more about it here, classes you can take and how to enter databases that will drive clients to you for dentistry that ? as I said in the last video ? allow you to keep more of what you earn while you work less hard and your clients save significant future dental and healthcare costs!

Bonus: Fee For Service Is Killing Us - And Our Teeth

A top tier adhesive dentist who provides lasting dentistry with far fewer downstream complications deserves the freedom to treatment plan in a way that best serves his clients while also keeping more of what he/she earns. These startling business revelations can help you get off the production-based treadmill you may feel you?re on. Working smarter and more effortlessly, receiving economic rewards and delivering immediate and long-term health and economic benefits for your clients benefits everyone.?Learn how to take your practice to the next level here!


1. Terrain Fundamentals (1:25:39)
2. Energy Tune-ups (55:38)
3. Renewing Health From the inside Out (1:15:37)
4. Diabetes as An Accelerated Aging Model (42.56)
5. Putting the Last Laugh to Brittle Bones (25:58)
6. Mind the Gap (34:42)
7. Keeping Your Second Brain Happy! (40:12)
8. Methylation From a Dental Perspective (31:50)
9. Dentistry?s Catch 22: Mercury (42:02)
10. Dentistry?s Catch 22: Why Won?t This Debate Fade? (Fluoridation) (26:53)
11. Dentistry?s Catch 22: Ischemic Osteonecrosis. (29:48)
12. What CAN?T Ozone Do? (57:36)
13. Your Role in Airway Development (1:06:34)
14. After the Fact of Poor Airway Development (41:46)
15. Less is More: Minimally Invasive Dentistry (40:23)
16. Picking Up the Pieces (27:30)


  • Searchable eBook:?Mouth Matters
  • Signed Soft Cover Book:?Primal Dentistry?
  • Support materials
  • Video: Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video (2 hours)
  • Video:?Doctors Alleman and Shoup Talk About Biomimetic Dentistry!
  • Video: Fee for Service is Killing Us!

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