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As a dental professional collaborating with many non-dental professionals, it concerns me that most of them initially are unaware of the central role oral conditions play in poor health. They are not as successful as they could be when trying to solve their patient’s gut issues or adrenal fatigue including the under or over-functioning thyroid glands. Without accounting for the role oral conditions play in restoring methylation pathways, whole body pH at the cellular level, cardiovascular health, arthritis, healthy blood sugar levels and reducing the body’s burden of heavy metals, they may also run into roadblocks. Brain fog may not clear as well as it could. Helping clients honor their circadian rhythms may also fail without a clear understanding of airway development through poor oral posture and its downstream health consequence, sleep disordered breathing.

 One mentor once quipped that one of my hour-long videos succinctly presented what he spent eight hours teaching. That is why I chose this course presentation method. It is the most effective and economical way I can bring this broad range of information with its accompanying supplemental materials designed to aid implementation as well as patient education to you.

 Restoring health from the inside out is the heart of true medicine. Functional Medicine From a Health Perspective delivers answers!

 At your fingertips is a broad range of information: tools and resources to understand the relationship between oral health and physical wellbeing. Help your family and community find answers to health questions they never knew to ask!


Content on this website, in Primal Dentistry: Less is More and Mouth Matters is not considered medical or dental advice. Please see a physician before making any medical or lifestyle changes and a dentist if you need help with oral conditions.

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