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As a functional medicine practitioner and affiliate of Academy Epic, I am pleased to welcome you to the complete series Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective.

You chose to enroll in Academy Epic’s courses to either help your family thrive or to assist your community receive healthcare answers they don’t typically find in our current healthcare delivery system.

You know bodies are incredibly resilient. They evolved to mend and remodel themselves and that once you know how to “work the switches” – provide the essential nutrients and remove blocks to health – the body can usually heal itself.

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Unfortunately many of the body’s roadblocks begin in the mouth, which may well be the center of a person’s health universe. It’s the most exposed gateway into our bodies and everything that passes through the mouth or is implanted in it affects health for a lifetime. That is as true of the air we breathe if we breathe through our mouths, as it is to the words we speak because of their connection to our spiritual selves, the dentistry and dental products we choose, the materials we allow the dental profession to leave behind and the water and foods with which we nourish ourselves.


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