Silent oral diseases influence and reflect the course of silent general diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis [1]. Toxic dental materials and common, centuries-old techniques add to general health mayhem as does incorrect oral posture from birth. Health reverberations go far beyond what most people could begin to imagine![2] Simple solutions for optimal health exist and are more effective, economical, and less invasive than traditional medical answers. You owe it to yourself and your children – to know more, then do better.




Three Keys to Radically Better Oral/General Health

Carol’s book, Mouth Mattersoffers insight into astonishingly simple, yet inexpensive solutions for vibrant health most people haven’t considered. You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician’s or dentist’s offices. Carol wants to help you learn about these solutions, plus dental innovations from which you and your family can benefit. Three critical advances are:

Mouth Matters Book Cover Revised 2nd1. Diet, lifestyle, and breathing. Mouth Matters thoroughly reviews known connections between oral health and general health. Do not accept the “disease care”/rescue system we call “health” care. Though many do, its symptom-driven, simplistic approach will never meaningfully “cure” cancers or subdue the inflammation-driven diseases plaguing us. Your body is incredibly resilient. It evolved to mend and remodel itself. Once you know how to “work its switches” – provide the essential nutrients and remove blocks to health – the body can usually heal itself. Restoring health from the inside out is the heart of true medicine. Mouth Matters and this site aim to give you information, tools and resources to understand the relationship between your oral health and physical well-being in your quest for optimal health and wellness. Happy exploring!

With your guidance your child has control over the airway he or she develops. Image Courtesy of Dr. Gelb

With your guidance your child has control over the airway he or she develops. Image Courtesy of Dr. Gelb

2. Missing Puzzle Piece to Health and Quality of Life: Correct oral posture and breathing from birth. This heartbreaking query from a male teen is typical of many daily emails I receive:

“I have recently learned about effects of incorrect oral posture from your website and I wonder how can I fix all the damage I have caused [from incorrect oral posture]. I have very narrow arches, very narrow jaw, flat sunken cheeks and I’m already 19 so I am basically done growing. Is surgery the only option? I really badly want to be able to fix my appearance. I had a deviated septum that I fixed recently, and I was also told to have slightly big adenoids. Please help me; just want to be put in the right direction.” [3]

Had he acted on this awareness just 10 years earlier, his facial and airway development, thus health and attractiveness would have had a completely different outcome and solution.

You can follow a strict “alkalizing diet” and drink alkaline water exclusively, but your body may well run acidic unless certain oral postures are habitual. If you snore, have crowded teeth or needed braces or wisdom teeth extractions, chances are good head and neck postural imbalances are to blame. While almost everyone can benefit from improved oral posture one way or another, if you snore or have apnea, this information is a must read! Note: Even people with the most serious and frequent choking episodes during sleep do not realize airway problems disturb it. Learn more here. The following video introduces one way you can improve the quality of your child’s life or even your own:

Mercury filling set up to fail.

Mercury filling set up to fail.

3. Choices you make when you seek dental care. Cost and speed are poor criteria for choosing dental care. Consider seeking skilled practitioners with advanced training in minimally invasive, biomimetic, and/or biological dental care. Food for thought: Dental drills, never proven to be safe or effective, are neither.  The electricity they generate create pain and require anesthetic to use, something nobody likes. Worse, they help teeth eventually fail in two ways: The filling design they require contributes to tooth fatigue and cracking, plus they micro fracture teeth as shown in this brief video clip, soon to be part of a PBS interview set to release June 22, 2016:


It’s sad stagnant government and private insurance plans don’t keep up with science advancements. There is no, or low reimbursement for improved procedures that can save teeth and lives. Dental insurance companies actually offer financial incentives to people when they accept the traditional, poorly designed fillings drills create, and those filled with pre-Civil War era dental materials that also help break teeth apart! These policies are penny-wise and dollar-foolish. So far, no dental plans cover the care, skill and judgment required to place start of the art biomimetic fillings that can protect a broken tooth or one with advanced decay, for a lifetime – without cutting a tooth down into a stump for a crown! Carol introduces these and other advances that should turn dentistry on its head and significantly reduce the need for many current specialties of dentistry by perhaps 80% within a generation or two.

“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous,” so expressed Leonardo da Vinci. This philosophy of respect for tooth architecture and function in solving dental problems describes what the trio Minimally Invasive, Biomimetic, and Ozone Dentistry can offer you. See how DaVinci’s philosophy can impact your smile, health, and financial resources in Carol Vander Stoep’s Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral (featured in the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series.)

BioLOGICAL Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most invasive, material and surgically-oriented disciplines in health care. Biological dentists know all choices affect biological systems. They try to use the latest technology, techniques, and least hazardous materials to protect everyone involved. This Introduction to BioLOGICAL Dentistry video (featured in the Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective video series.) , released in tandem with Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral, outlines a few concerns biological dentists address. It also introduces some of the integrative medicine topics covered in Mouth MattersNote: Biological and Biomimetic Dentistry are not synonymous, though in Carol’s opinion, they should be. Biological dentists who practice biomimetics are noted in the database.

Oral Biofilm (Plaque) Formation 

Just before his appointment, a five-year-old proudly announced to me that he didn’t floss his teeth and didn’t plan on it. I smiled and showed him the following short time-lapse video so he could see what was growing on his teeth and how fast it forms. He looked up at me afterwards, startled, and said, “Well that set me straight!”

It isn’t individual oral microbes we should worry about. It is when they coalesce into biofilms on teeth that they become a concern. Dental plaques are half microbes, half protective slimy matrix. Within them bacteria become social, learn to work together, protect each other, and act in ways never imagined in the name of group survival. The bacteria share nutrients and defenses to protect and feed the community’s interior. At this stage, they are impenetrable and therefore resistant to detergents, antibiotics, and the body’s defenses. This is one reason ozone needs to play a bigger role in oral prevention and repair.

You are key to the change you want to see. You can bemoan the role moneyed interests play in healthcare delivery around the world, or you can take charge and ask for more when your personal efforts are not enough. It is likely you will have to seek it from a variety of knowledgeable practitioners working collaboratively for your benefit. It likely will involve travel to seek more enlightened and trained practitioners.

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[1] Problems linked to inflammation-based oral conditions include chronic heart disease (CVD), stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, pregnancy complications and meningitis. Oral conditions also influence autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and lupus; neurological problems such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; and “enigmatic” illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue (CFS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). This is a short list.
[2] Periodontal (gum) disease and caries (cavities) are the first and most obvious signs of a body in trouble. These proverbial “canaries in a coal mine” warn of rampant, chronic inflammation throughout the whole body. Would you still ignore your bleeding gums if you knew you might be losing your eyesight, kidney function, or the ability to have a strong sexual response as well?

Optimal forward growth with square jaw, high cheekbones, and great airways!.

Optimal forward growth with square jaw, high cheekbones, and great airways!.

[3] My answer: 

I feel your pain. Unfortunately skilled practitioners are limited, so travel is sometimes necessary, but that is changing. Of course I don’t have any images from which to draw conclusions, but I see versions of your described situation daily, almost hourly. A large majority of people in the U.S. have problems with this to some degree. A rare, but great example of someone who doesn’t is the female lead in Netflix’s “Bones”.
Myofunctional therapy is a critical part of your journey and would be my first step IF you can somewhat get your tongue to fit in between the confines of your upper teeth. Sometimes this can be hard before a person gets an orthodontic expansion, yet constant correct oral posture also helps move orthodontics along and is essential to keep it from relapsing after you have done as much correction as airway-centric orthodontics can give you. Keep in mind, myofunctional therapy also helps tone the tongue and so on, so it is worth pursuing as a starting step. [Learn more about there here and here.]
I would have been much more comfortable if I had finished the active phase of myofunctional therapy before I started my airway-centric orthodontics, but, ahem, I was unaware of just how incorrect my oral posture was. Crazy how we can delude ourselves!
To find an airway centric orthodontist, click here or here (international). If you need surgery, and it is a big decision, I would highly recommend Reza Movahed in St. Louis.


Learn more about how your oral health influences and reflects whole body health in my two books:

Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body (2014)


Primal Dentistry: Less is MORE (2018)

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Limited Availability: apologies in advance for the impossibility of answering/researching all personal e-mail queries or comments posted to various blogs. I will however selectively answer those of a general nature so readers can benefit from other’s questions. Please note: Carol Vander Stoep is a dental hygienist. Just as a dentist may not legally diagnose or offer personalized dental treatment advice via the Internet, neither may she. Carol will not dispense dental/medical advice via email – if you have dental concerns, please schedule a consultation with a dental professional whose philosophy most closely aligns with yours. Mouth Matters and Primal Dentistry books and database as well as this website is an offering to help enlighten you about possible considerations and choices.

Help Carol Advocate for Change!

It takes time and resources to bring you the truth – and to protect this site. Please consider donating a dollar or two if you appreciate what you learn and want to help Carol advocate for desperately needed change. I appreciate any help!

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