The Secret Life of Cavities – What Your Dentist Can’t See CAN Hurt You 

Monday August 19

Watch My Interview on the Functional Oral and Airway Health Summit

Register now to watch my interviews titled “The Secret Life of Cavities – What Your Dentist Can’t See CAN Hurt You” (Monday, August 19) and “Sealants – The Good, The Bad… and The Bomb” (Thursday August 22) on the The Functional Oral and Airway Health Summit, August 19-25, 2019. There will be 28 experts over a course of 7 days.

Who is this Summit For? 


It’s for YOU, if…

  • You worry that maybe you “don’t know what you don’t know” about your health
  • You worry that you snore – or wonder if you do and if it could damage your health even if you don’t have sleep apnea.
  • You worry about proper nutrition and eating for a healthy mouth – and body.
  • You have kids with crooked teeth and wonder if braces are a good answer.
  • You worry that you are always tired. Could your sleep or a breathing issue be a culprit?
  • You’ve had high blood pressure, heart problems or a stroke and want to reverse or minimize your future risks.
  • You’re worried about Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia
  • You want to learn from experts who treat patients every day
  • You want to learn from experts who teach in dental and medical schools
  • You’ve heard that ADHD is the result of a sleep breathing disorder
  • You want all this information in easy-to-understand terms


You will learn from 22 New + 6 past favorite expert speakers more about:*


  • Three ways teeth decay from the inside out: Why the simple tools from early in the last century, a dentist’s x-rays and “pick” (explorer) are only 40% accurate for decay diagnosis and how that can balloon future dental costs, doom your teeth and sabotage health
  • Serious obstacles to dental sealant success and how do sealant bombs happen?
  • Why traditional dental fillings shorten a tooth’s lifespan.
  • Predictable tooth repair and remineralization from the inside out!
  • How air abrasion versus high speed dental drills and ozone can impact a tooth’s longevity
  • You’re worried about the cost of dental (and medical) care and insurance changes. [Hint: Fee for Service (Insurance) does you no favors! It rewards dentists whose work fails more frequently just as medical insurance does for procedures that fail! This one of the topics you’ll see on my speaker page if you purchase the Summit to gain access.]
  • Questions to ask your dentist
  • How sleep affects the brain through all ages and what warning signs to look for
  • Why cancer patients should see a dentist before treatment to lessen side effects
  • How humming can reduce insomnia, depression, anger and much more
  • Why your mouth may contribute to Alzheimer’s
  • The facts about oral cancer, what you can do and what your dentist should do
  • Tips for dental office visit safety from an OSHA expert
  • What dentists and patients can do to combat antibiotic resistance
  • How to fix your gut microbiome, starting with your mouth

… and so much more

*Red bullet points indicate a few topics I address in my talks.

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